About Us

Actually Done 4 was originally released in July of 2021 and featured both serious and parody content. This website is a reboot without parodies, featuring articles and journalism made with respect to context and truth.

Content Policy

Truthful to the greatest extend
Includes evidence, authoritative statements, or will otherwise explain any accusations as unfounded
Inclusive of all contexts, including dissenting opinions
Not blindly trusting of authority, unafraid to ask questions that may offend certain people
Any images, graphs, or graphics used to be NOT misleading by nature, any evidence should be verifiable and unedited, and any created graphics does not misrepresent data

All mistakes will be corrected, apologized for, and reviewed.

AI Policy

Use of AI is allowed to assist in the writing of articles and even to create images to include in articles, but several rules apply.
Nothing may violate the Content Policy. Untruthful content cannot be blamed on “the AI.”
All AI usage must be disclosed in the article. At the end or during, all messages/documents provided by the AI must be provided. This includes topic ideas, outlines, article content, suggestions, or any content that ultimately resulted in the article being posted. Total disclosure. This includes if Sources were granted by the AI.